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Get Yourself A Gig

So you’ve got a collection of your own music, you’ve worked for hours, actually days, and now you just want it to be played and heard.

Well get gigging!

Gigs are a great way to get your music out there and to meet new people.

But how do you get yourself booked for gigs?…. Is it that hard?

Here’s a few tips to get you on your way!

Attend gigs. Find out your local bars, pubs, venues that host music nights and attend them. Just attend them. Get to know people, get to know the set up. Talking to musicians and promoters will help you understand how this part of the industry works. You could even offer to help promote their next night that’s coming up.

If you know a local band is on tour and you feel like your music would compliment them well, be confident and offer your music as a support act. If you don’t ask you won’t get! Be brave.

Get in touch with their promoters, the venue and the band or artist themselves if you can. Not everyone is likely to reply, but the more options there are the more likely someone is to listen to your stuff and consider your offer.

Sometimes it might feel like no one wants to book you for their live nights. Maybe the timing just isn’t right. Don’t be down hearted by it. Put on your own night! There are plenty of venues that can be hired out. It will be down to you to provide all the equipment and do all the promotion. Get other musicians you know involved and charge a reasonable fee on the door. Get your music heard! You’ll feel amazing knowing you’ve done it all yourself.

It may also be the case that there is a very limited music scene in your area…. so again, why don’t you set one up. Get a venue who are up for something new, a few mates who are up for promoting it, then you just need the music, so yourself and a few others who are ready to perform, and there you have it. Who knows you could be the creator of a regular open mic night!

Something I recommend avoiding though is what you might know as “Pay to play” gigs. This is when as a musician you are asked to buy a number of tickets to sell to your fan base and people you know and then you will make back a certain amount of money from each ticket sold. However it is unlikely that you will be reaching many more people or new fans as you will end up selling tickets to people who already know you.

It’s important and exciting to be engaging and meeting with new people who love your music!

Oh, one last point....

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