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"Is my music good enough?"

The first problem you face here is that we all have a different definition of what "good enough" sounds like.

We also all have very different music taste, so it won't appeal to all.

However, being driven and striving to get the best out of your music is super important.

Good enough just won't cut it.... make it the best!

Here are some points to consider......

Giving your music the time.

Once you have finished writing and producing your track, listen to it, and then stash it.

Stash it for 24 hours and then come back to it.

If you're still feeling it, then leave it for another day. Fresh ears are crucial for spotting things you want to change or for falling in love with what you hear.

Give it a week, even give it a month. If you're still loving it time after time and have perfected and tweaked the bits you have discovered over time then I think you're onto a winner.

Which leads to my next point....

Get your mates opinions.

Gather a bunch of friends and play them your tracks. Be prepared to not only listen but also watch their reactions to your track. This will tell you a lot. Your mates are likely to be polite and tell you it sounds "good" or "cool track" but you're aiming for more than that.

You want them to be excited by what you've just played them, you want them asking to hear it again, wanting to have it so they can share it with more people. That's the reaction that will tell you what you're doing is good enough!

Make a playlist

Think of a selection of tracks that inspire you, and that you think work with your genre of music. Place your track amongst them and then enjoy your playlist for a while.

When your track comes on, does it give you the same good feeling that the other tracks did?

Does it feel finished? Does it sit so well that you even have to remind yourself that it's yours?

Or do the good vibes float away when it comes on? Does it slow down the tempo and your mood, do you want to skip to the next track?

These are all questions to consider which should help you place where your music is at.

Dream opportunity

If you had the opportunity to give your music to a couple of your favourite artists right now to listen to, and they were guaranteed to listen, would you feel confident handing it over in the finished state that it's in?? If yes, then your work here is done, you are clearly proud of what you have pieced together. If the answer is no, then you need to be working towards this goal and asking yourself why don't you feel it is finished to a high enough standard.

More opinions

If you don't trust your own opinion or your mates, (which you probably should)... it is always good to get a range of opinions on top of that. There are sites that you can upload your music to in order to get the opinions of others. Try or I recommend checking these ones out. You can upload your music and get great feedback, which will hopefully give you the confidence boost you need or some helpful pointers on how to improve.

And that's all for today, just a few things to consider. Hope you found them useful and that your music is more than "good enough!!"

Oh, one last point....

It's essential to have all your social media and SoundCloud pages on point so that your fan base and popularity can grow. All tracks and Artists need this no matter how good their tracks are. Do your best to gain Instagram followers, increase your SoundCloud plays and exposure your brand as much as possible.

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